Department of Dermatology (Skin and Venereal Diseases)

Dermatology (Skin and Venereal Diseases) is the department that provides diagnosis and development of treatment for very common skin diseases and sexually transmitted venereal diseases. It allows you to find solutions to dermatological diseases that occur in hair, feet and fingernails. In addition, it offers the opportunity to treat diseases such as fungi, warts, acne, eczema and allergic disorders, skin tumors and diseases that cause excessive sweating.

Among the most common skin conditions are:

There are various skin diseases that occur due to mechanical reasons or physical factors in cold and heat. For this reason, Skin and Venereal Diseases are studied in a wide area.


ডাঃ ইবরাহীম মোঃ শরফ

চর্ম, যৌন, সেক্স ও এলার্জি রোগ বিশেষজ্ঞ
এমবিবিএস, বিসিএস(স্বাস্থ্য)
ডিভিডি (বিএসএসএমইউ/পিজি হাসপাতাল)
এমসিপিএস(চর্ম ও যৌন রোগ)
কনসালটেন্ট (চর্ম ও যৌন রোগ)
রাজশাহী মেডিকেল কলেজ ও হাসপাতাল
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